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Marketing has one job to do, and one job only; accelerate the Sales Cycle.  Too often Marketing and Sales are seen as two different departments whose only connection is leads thrown over the wall from Marketing to Sales. Naviga can work with you to ensure that leads are worthwhile before passing to Sales and that there is follow up after the leads are passed.


Nothing happens until a Sale is made!  Great bit of jingoism, but reality is that an enormous amount has to be done before a sale is made. Whether your organisation uses SPIN ® , Miller Heimann ® , CustomerCentric Selling ® or other sales methodology, Naviga can work with Sales and Marketing to maximise pipeline value.


All organisations need process to function efficiently and effectively.  Process, however, has a dark side; rogue processes that exist for no reason except for satisfying their own requirements.  Naviga works with your personnel to identify existing processes and then look at Start-Stop-Renew to determine; which processes are missing, which processes are no longer required and which processes need to be tweaked to improve.  
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Naviga can work with your organisation to connect Marketing and Sales, delivering better results. How aligned are the KPIs of Sales and Marketing?  Setting KPIs that reinforce each other is vital to fostering teamwork.   SLAs build commitments between Marketing and Sales that ensure Leads are of a high quality, that they are followed up in a timely manner and that meaningful information is fed back.  
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