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Marketing is future orientated, building programs to increase competitive advantage. Campaigns, Events, Lead Generation, Lead management, SEO, SEM, Blogs and more. They all require rigorous processes to maximise the value of leads passed to Sales. With few exceptions, Marketing organisations within Australia are best classified as Field Marketing. As such if an activity is not actively generating leads than its value must be questioned as the activity represent a cost without a connected revenue component.
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Which processes running in your organisation have reached, or passed, their use by date? This is a common problem. Often when business needs and the business environment change, the existing processes continue to run without change.  And run without adding value. Naviga can work with your staff to identify dead processes and help with removing them.  
The business environment we all work in is changing at a greater rate than now than any other time in history. The rise of the internet as a general business tool, the advent of social media and the expansion of customer expectations require new processes to manage new business needs. Naviga can work with your staff to identify unmet business needs and build processes to maximise efficiencies within your target business units.
KPI changes, SLA changes, business goal changes, structural changes.  All these impact existing processes. It is not that the processes are redundant, but rather that they need renewing to fit the new environment. Naviga can work with your staff to refresh existing processes and ensure they deliver maximum value to the organisation.
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If Marketing is future orientated then Sales is firmly anchored in the now. Sales is the revenue engine of an organisation,  responsible for determining customer wants and needs, matching solutions to these and managing the sales cycle to completion. Typical duties associated with sales include: Prospecting for new customers Developing and maintaining relationships with new and existing customers Participating in events Tracking important sales cycle data such as activities, prospects, pipeline, revenue, quota, etc. Delivering presentations and demonstrations Demonstrating an understanding of the client’s business needs and how your organisations solutions can help These are all activities that require precision processes to ensure each sales person contributes to the best of their ability.